Discover what
makes Bcovery so unique

Our proprietary algorithm enables you to reclaim on average 15% of additional impressions, each month.

The first ‘AdTech’ solution reclaiming your ghost inventory

Demand sources

Use your own stack, ours,
ours, or
both combined into our solution.

Simplified Integration

Our Javascript tag
can easily be implemented, 

hard-coded or in your TMS.

Proactive tech team

For troubleshooting, our
dedicated team will answer

all your questions.

Fair pricing

  • Client-Side
  • Your website(s) / inventories.
  • Your adunits / placements.
  • Your ghost



0,15 €

  • Client-Side
  • Reclaimed and monetized impressions.
  • Calculation of your recoverable potential.
  • Displaying each metrics in your dashboard.

Once set up, you’ll just have to watch !

  • Every month, get pure, guaranteed
    incremental revenues.
  • Our dedicated Yield optimizes and
    monitor your integration on a daily basis.
  • Every month, receive
    a clear invoice of your revenues.